Smart Office

Veris digitizes your front desk, provides hyper analytics based on Visitor Activity and helps with sophisticated business decisions assisting you to drive your Enterprise.

Delightful Hospitality

Veris transforms your front desk to level with your receptionist. Garnish your welcome with the confidence of a DIVA. Veris makes your guests feel invited.

Social Connectivity

A well-connected office leads to a well-informed team, leads to a well-managed organization, leads to a high growth business. We deliver the business boost.

Clear Accountability

A leak-proof system, accountable movement, and collaborative effort help you make sure that every visitor counts. Right from the meeting schedule to the guest send-off.

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    Secure your premises with the Veris advantage

    Veris employs the best in class data security protocols to safeguard your organization’s host & visitor data. Smart Terminals capture authenticated visitor data.

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    Transform your front desk to smart desk

    Transform your cluttered frontdesk to a smartdesk with Veris Terminals that leave a lasting impression. No more logbooks, No more ID proof copies, No more confirmation calls.

  • Track all visitor data in real time with Veris View

    The Veris View gives you the power to monitor all visitor activity at your premises in real time. Audit-ready reporting and analytics for inter-functional dependencies accessible 24X7.

  • Ensure Visitor Data Privacy

    Veris ensures that all visitor data is securely captured and stored in the Veris Cloud at check in, accessible only by authorized personnel having access to the Veris View.

  • Fix Meetings anywhere with just 3 taps on your phone

    All it takes to set up a meeting is three taps on your smartphone. No need to send out separate notifications and details to the front desk of your organization.

  • Get Instant Notifications when your guests arrive or leave

    No more depending on a call from the reception to know when your guests have checked-in/out of your premises through instant notifications. You are always in control of your meetings.

  • Express 3 Second Check-ins at all Veris powered locations

    When you are invited to a Veris powered location you can check-in within 3 second by just a flash of your phone. No more frustrating queues and paper based manual photo ID verification.

  • Send Personalised Rich Invites

    Now no more distractions and wasting time in giving directions, parking instructions or guest wifi logins. Veris takes care of all of this with just a few taps on your phone and lets you focus on more important things at work.

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    Send an invite

    Your colleague invites a guest using the Veris ID app. The Guest gets a unique meeting code to be used at Veris Terminals

  • Terminal fast forwards the process

    Veris Terminal recognizes the guest when they wave their Veris ID or provide their meeting code. Click a picture and its done

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    You get informed

    The host and the administrator is instantly notified about the guests’ arrival and a cool glass of water awaits them.

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    Your ID on your smartphone

    With Veris you can safely and selectively share your identity with any Veris-partnered organisation and breeze pass the identity check process in a matter of seconds!

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    Your Data under your control

    We have all seen misuse-ready copies of Photo IDs loitering around in public places. With Veris, Your data is in your hands. It is akin to buying insurance to ensure data safety and security.

  • Data Security and Privacy Assurance

    Our tech uses extensive layers of encryption to avoid any possible hacking and ensures that your data remains secure in the Veris Cloud. Rest assured, Veris never shares your data with anyone without your authorization.

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    Penetration Testing

    Veris is subject to regular high grade Penetration Testing to check the security of its servers. A huge community of White hat hackers help to keep Veris secured.

Superfast Check-ins

Your repeat visitors are critical to your business and Veris gives you the power to check-in your frequent visitors with just a flash of their phone, under 3 seconds!

Host Notifications

Veris notifies the hosts in your organization when the guests check in at the front desk upon arrival and when they check out while departing.

Unlimited Hosts & Visitors

Veris allows you to onboard unlimited number hosts on any Veris terminal and doesn’t have any restriction on the number of visitors they can invite.

Print Badges

Veris seamlessly integrates with any badge printing device and print customized visitor badges with your organization’s branding for the guests upon check-in.

Seamless Integrations

With Open APIs, Veris is built for integrations. Be it employee directory or Salesforce, Veris can plug into any system and make processes seamless

Multi-Location Support

For large organizations spread across multiple geographies, Veris supports nested deployments for managing the visitors both, centrally and locally.

Advanced Analytics

Veris View helps you analyze visitor data to see who is visiting when and why. It gives you the ability to identify trends and make informed business decisions.

Veris View

Veris View tracks all visitors in real time. Its simple & elegant interface makes the traditionally mundane task of managing visitors, disarmingly simple & fun.

Secure your premises

Veris authenticates every single visitor passing through the Veris terminal, providing you with an actionable data trail in case of a security breach.

  • “Good that visitor gets gps details and I get notified at the entry and the exit of my visitor from Worldmark. Good that you are improving visitor experience at Worldmark, making it secure”

    -Deepak Kumar Mittal
Quest Offices
Vatika Business Center
Interglobe Technologies
The Royal Bank of Scotland
Celebi Aviation
Zero Waste